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Zoo laser Rikta VET vererinarian therapy laser + optical Nozzles KON 1 Full english version EMS shipping free

Zoo laser Rikta  VET vererinarian therapy laser  + optical  Nozzles KON 1 Full english version EMS shipping free
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User  manual and treatment protocols in English, German and French are included in the kit.

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 Set of Nozzles KON 1 included in set.


Veterinary portable laser therapeutic device RIKTA- VET  is applied, as in the home to treat your favorite pet (the device is equipped with detailed methodological tool with the regimens), and in veterinary clinics, veterinary stations, district veterinary hospitals, animal farms, directly in the pastures.

It is noted that animals respond well procedures because they more  than   people perceive the laser light and infrared light.

  The device is intended for the treatment of postoperative wounds, otitis, arthritis, sprains and dislocations, mastitis, endomitrita and many other diseases, as well as, for example, bio-stimulation of sport horses.

     The battery pack can successfully use the device RIKTA Vet, for example, on the road, in the field, a veterinary surgeon.



     - Pulsed infrared laser radiation

     - Pulsating broadband infrared radiation

     - Pulsating red light

     - Pulsating blue light

     - The constant magnetic field






Design: Portable

Medical factors

Laser therapy: There

Infrared therapy: There

Magnetic: Yes

Light therapy: Yes


Country of origin: Russia


Wavelength nm

infrared laser radiation: 890-910


broadband infrared radiation: 860-960


red visible light: 600-700


blue visible radiation: 465-475


Pulse power infrared laser radiation, W

Esmil: 21


The pulse repetition frequency, Hz

broadband infrared laser


constant: 4; 64; 512; 4096


variable: 1 - 250


red light: 2


The average power of the infrared radiation, mW: 60


Battery type: internal Li-Po (1800 mAh)

continuous operation with a fully charged battery, hours: 8

charging time, h: 3







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In set -


     - Apparatus magneto-infrared laser therapeutic RIKTA  Vet - 1 pc.

     - AC adapter with power cord - 1 piece.

     - A detailed handbook on the use of the device IN ENGLISH, GERMAN AND FRENCH  - 1 pc.

     - Passport ( ENGLISH,GERMAN, FRENCH ) and warranty card - 1 pc.

     - Packing box - 1 pc.



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