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Quantum therapy device - Rikta 04/4 with one emitter T1 + protective googles

Quantum therapy device - Rikta 04/4 with one emitter T1 + protective googles
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Quantum therapy device - Rikta 04/4 with one emitter T1 (10W)  + protective googles





Quantity of emitter - 1

Area of radiating surface of the radiator - 4 sm2

Output power of radiator:

Radiator T1 - not less than 8-10W

Wavelength of impulsive infrared laser radiation - 0,890-0,910 micron/890-910 nanometers

Wavelength of pulsating broadband infrared radiation - 0,860-0,960 micron/860-960 nanometers

Wavelength of pulsating broadband red radiation - 0,640-0,740 micron/640-740 nanometers

Frequency setting - 5, 50, 1000, variable 250-1 Hz

Frequency of red light radiation - 2 Hz

Magnetic induction - 35+/-10 mTl

Time of radiation - 1, 2, 5 or 10 min.

Power supply (alternating current)

Frequency - 50/60 Hz

Power consumed from an electric network - 20W

Weight - 1,5 kgs

Overall dimensions - 245*220*95 mm.

(*possibility to apply additional emitters)

(*possibility to apply KON-1 nozzles set)

It is possible to compare Rikta 04/4 apparatus to the whole clinic! To cure more than 200 different diseases, illnesses and pains the huge hospital with the whole medical staff and expensive equipment is required. For those who has gained Rikta 04/4, there is a possibility to combine all this in one small apparatus.





At present the Rikta is one of the very few medical devices having such a wide spectrum of indications and applications.



1. Some infectious and parasitic diseases.

2. Diseases of endocrine system.

3. Diseases of nervous system.

4. Diseases of eye and surrounding tissue including sinuses.

5. Diseases of ears and mastoid bones.

6. Diseases of circulatory system.

7. Diseases of respiratory organs

8. Diseases of digestive organs.

9. Diseases of skin and cellular tissue.

10. Diseases of musculoskeletal system and connective tissue.

11. Diseases of urogenital system.

12. Postpartum period problems.

13. Traumas and some other consequences of injury.


Recently the device has found application in cosmetology and sports medicine.

The list of conditions suitable for quantum therapy with the Rikta is exceptionally wide which means that this instrument is useful for a wide range of specialists and therapist of all kinds including veterinarian. Yet the device is very simple to use and can at the same time treat both organs and tissues.




It is important to recognize the areas where this treatment should either not be used or used with caution. These contraindications will also be influenced by the condition of the person, compatibility with the treatment and other peculiarities, which may arise. While the quantum therapy using the Rikta has a very low profile of side effects nevertheless the experience of the practitioners is important to prevent any complications and to obtain maximum effectiveness of the treatment.

Contraindications to Rikta device therapy for home use include acute diseases which may cause irreversible structural changes in the body and require urgent medical or surgical management. The list includes some diseases, which have not yet been researched for Rikta treatment. If other concomitant diseases are present (endocrine, tumours) then one should consult, with the doctor on whether quantum medical treatment is appropriate.


The Rikta apparatus of quantum therapy has combined treatment mechanism. Rikta has several simultaneously working components:

1. Pulse infrared laser radiation(invisible) of the semi-conductor arsenide - gallium laser diode is the basic medical factor of quantum therapy. Laser radiation has a monochromaticity (bandlimitedness), spatial and time coherence and polarization and due to these properties has very strong stimulatory influence on blood circulation, membranous cellular metabolism, activates neurohumoral factors, immunocompetent systems, harmonizes hormonal factors of a metabolism.

2. Pulsating broadband infrared radiation(invisible) of semi-conductor light-emitting diodes has smaller, than laser, biological effectiveness, because of the greater spectral latitude, incoherence and nonpolarized radiation . It penetrates deeper and has a harmonizing action on the tone of central and vegetative nervous systems.

3. Pulsating broadband red radiation(visible) of semi-conductor light-emitting diodes, penetrating on slight depth, has beneficial effect, reducing intensity of inflammatory processes in a skin and hypodermic cellular tissue, especially in zones of areolar tissue.

Besides red visible light visualizes the zone of application and has weak local warming and salutary psychotherapeutic effect.

4. Magnetostaticfield turns axes of the molecular magnetic dipoles, enlarging an internal energy of molecules. It also allows to keep ionization molecules of tissues in a dissociated state. It rises the effectiveness of influence of other medical factors of quantum therapy at the molecular and cellular levels. Passing of ionized molecules and blood cells flow in a magnetic field produces their pressing to walls and turbulence of the stream, that strengthens the intensity of a saturation of tissues with oxygen and activate the process of excretion slags.

Rikta apparatus influences on human's bioactive zones with low intensity electromagnetic radiation and stimulates organism's own vital resources, improves circulation of the blood and intensifies the immune system, has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

Laser ray penetrates deep into the internal organs and destroys bacterias and viruses, which are harmful for organism.



 For efficiency and high therapeutic qualities the Rikta device was awarded with the Gold medal of the V international forum " High tech of XXI century"; the Gold Medal of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences" for the Practical benefits to the Consolidation of the Nation's Health"; the Gold Medal for " The Pioneer Achievements" at the XXIII International salon in Geneva, 1995; The Certificate of the 3rd degree of the Academy of medical and technical sciences" for the Pioneer development"; the enterprise producing Rikta devices was the winner of All_Russian Competition: "1000 best Russian enterprises"; Prizewinner of following competitions:

" Best Moscow enterprise"; the winner of " The best enterprise of the District".



Meets the requirements of EEC

The products have EC-Certificate (Reg.-Nr. 78/705/4887) and marked with CE 0032.

The products comply with the requirements of the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC.




"Treatment guidelines for laser quantum therapy devices" book 210 pages,  English operating manual and protective googles included in the set .


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