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» » » Emitter T 1E-02 POWER 10 W TENS+LASER therapy

Emitter T 1E-02 POWER 10 W TENS+LASER therapy

Emitter T 1E-02 POWER 10 W TENS+LASER therapy

Emitter T 1E-02 POWER 10 W TENS+LASER therapy
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Emitter T 1E-02 POWER 10 W TENS+LASER therapy

Price: 750 USD

Emitter  T 1E-02 for  Rikta 4/04

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This radiator with electrotherapy is optional and is intended for use with the RIKTA 04/4 series.



     This radiator uses a combination of Percutaneous Electro Neuro Stimulation (TENS) - electrotherapy and polyfatcore quantum (laser) therapy. The Chans function allows you to instantly remove the pain syndrome due to the effect on the nerve endings by low-intensity electrical currents. When performing the procedure at the places of application of the radiator, the patient feels a slight "tingling", after which all painful sensations disappear.


     Operating modes:


     - Combined (TENS / Electrotherapy + quantum (laser) therapy);

     - Chans / Electrotherapy for the rapid removal of acute pain syndrome;

     - Quantum (laser) therapy.


     Emitter T1E-04 has proven itself in the treatment and prevention of various disease states, such as: arthritis, back pain, joint disease, as well as with dislocations and sprains.




     - Pulsed infrared laser radiation (10 W, 905 nm);

     - Pulsating broadband infrared radiation (60 mW, 875 nm);

     - Pulsating radiation in the red (visible) part of the spectrum (7 mW, 640 nm);

     - Permanent magnetic field (35 mT);

     - Percutaneous Electro Neuro Stimulation (TENS - Electrotherapy)




The manufacturer: Joint-Stock Company "MILTA-PKP GIT"

Country of origin: Russia


Wavelength, nm

Laser infrared radiation: 905

Broadband infrared radiation: 875

Red visible radiation: 640

Average power of infrared radiation, mW: 60

Average power of red radiation, mW: 7

Overall dimensions, mm: 170ั…90ั…70

Net weight, kg: 0,25



Pulse power of laser radiation, W: 10

Average power of infrared diode radiation, mW: 60

Average output power of red LEDs, mW: 7

The area of โ€‹โ€‹the radiator outlet, sq. Cm: 4

Magnetic induction, mT: 35