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» » » Emitter Intracavitary IVP 1 -04

Emitter  Intracavitary IVP 1 -04

Emitter  Intracavitary IVP 1 -04

Emitter Intracavitary IVP 1 -04
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Emitter Intracavitary IVP 1 -04

Price: 650 USD

Emitter IVP1-04 for  Rikta 4/04

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   This radiator is optional and is intended for use with the RIKTA 04/4 series.


     The emitter uses only one impact factor - pulsed laser radiation.

     The emitter is intended for intracavitary therapeutic non-invasive treatment of affected areas of the patient by pulsed laser radiation when performing therapeutic procedures in urology, gynecology and proctology.





     - Wavelength of laser radiation, μm: 0,80-0,91

     - Pulse power of laser radiation, W: 8 (+ 6 / -4)

     - Area of ​​irradiated surface, sq. See, not less than: 2

     - Weight, g: 250