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Cem Tech  Restorative card

Cem Tech  Restorative card

Cem Tech Restorative card
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Cem Tech Restorative card

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CEM TECH card  "a restorative 'is used to improve the overall immunity of the organism after infectious diseases, such as influenza, tonsillitis, acute respiratory disease, SARS.


It has a pronounced anti-viral properties.


It can be used for the prevention of diseases related to the circulatory disturbance of the brain cells, removing the load on the eye during prolonged work at a computer.


Using CEM TECH CARD "Restorative":

For relief of pain in colds (laryngitis, pharyngitis, etc.) placed in the jugular depression.


When bronchitis, tracheitis, pneumonia PRK "a restorative" are recommended to use in the second thoracic vertebra (the projection area of ​​the lungs).


The card must be used to clear improvement, and then take a break for a week.


The most effective time for using card " - ​​from 15-00 to 17-00.




If you use the card you feel discomfort (dizziness, headache, nausea), then do not use the card, and the water transferred to it the information from the card. To do this, place the card on the vessel with water for 5 minutes - the water is ready for use. Drink water for 3 sips throughout the day.