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Bentonite edable clay for detox and skin care. Pure  naturel 100%


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                                                                     500ml glass bottle 

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Fullerene water C60 Water of Life belongs to a completely new generation of preventive treatment means with a diverse and systemic mode of action. By affecting the water inside the body, it ensures  reneval, rejuvenation , protection  of the human body by creating conditions for a long and healthy life.

Water and carbon are at the basis of all living organisms on our planet. For a long time, pure carbon was known only in the form of diamond and graphite. The new form of carbon became known only recently. Prior to this, no one was aware of the existence of a carbon molecule named fullerene. In 1996, the researchers who discovered fullerenes were awarded the  Noble prize . During the awarding ceremony, this discovery was compared to Columbus’ discovery of America.

Fullerene С60 was acknowledged  the most beautiful molecule  in the known Universe. Beauty can save the world.  French researches added fullerene С60 to animal fodder. This increased  their average lifetime by about two-fold  or 90 %. This is three times more than the best “medicines against ageing” can offer. No substance known presently can provide such record-breaking longevity.

Diamond, graphite and fullerene С60 are insoluble in water. Developing a technology for dissolution of fullerene C60 in water  made it possible to produce water with amazing medical and biologocal properties .. It is quite possible that this water was the cradle of all living beings  on our planet.


Water makes up the greater part of the human body. The condition and structure of this water defines the proper functioning of all biological systems of the body. Hence, the recovery of human health or its support should start with the main thing – renewal of the body’s inner water. Such renewal will ensure the following:

  • Improve significantly the well-being, increase the energy capacity, and secure the protective and adaptogenic functions of the body;
  • Increase the body’s resistivity to infectious and viral diseases;
  • Prevent development of cardiovascular pathologies related to atherosclerosis and eliminate the causes of its occurrence;
  • Protect the liver from pathologies of different etiology;
  • Significantly reduce the risk of occurrence of oncological diseases;
  • Protect the brain from development of neurodegenerative processes; and
  • Prolong the active life period and support well-being.

To ensure a maximum effect, a person needs to drink only 50 ml of fullerene water. One can drink more but increasing the dose will not increase the curative effect of the water. It is advisable to drink fullerene water from clean cups with small gulps 15 to 20 minutes before meals.

There are several ways of drinking fullerene water. For seniors and persons of ripe years, the following regimen is recommended: the first 3 days – 50 ml three times daily; the next 3 days – 50 ml twice daily and the following 15 days – 50 ml once daily. A full course is 1.5 litres of product. The courses are recommended to be repeated 3 to 4 times a year.

Young and middle-age persons can drink the water as follows: the first 7 days – 50 ml twice daily; the next 6-16 days – 50 ml daily. A full course is 1.0 or 1.5 litres of the product. The courses are recommended to be repeated in the fall and spring seasons. Such a course is a good preventive measure against colds and flu. With onset of a flu epidemic or during it, fullerene water can be administered as nose drops: 2-3 drops in each nasal passage.



Preliminary administration of fullerene water during five days will protect the organism during the following:

  • X-ray or tomography examination
  • Surgical or dental operations
  • Radon baths
  • Air flights, especially long ones, and
  • Strong geomagnetic storms.

Fullerene water is an essential protective means during technogenic accidents, especially those related to radioactive contamination. In this case, it should be drunk each day until adverse effects persist.

In situations, in which the human body is subjected to excessive physical and/or psychological stress, preliminary administration of fullerene water will mitigate the potential adverse consequences for the body .

For instance, to eliminate or mitigate the hangover effect, drink 50 ml of fullerene water before and after drinking alcohol. If the evening party was terrific and a hangover effect has appeared, drink 50 ml every 2-3 hours until evident symptoms will disappear. Drink fullerene water in a similar manner in case of food poisoning.



Besides drinking, one can take baths. Add 100 ml of fullerene water to each 100 litres of water and mix thoroughly. The recommended bathing time is 15 to 20 minutes. Such a bath has a very favourable effect on the condition of the body and skin.

Fullerene water can be added to ordinary water in a 10:1 ratio when steaming hands and feet before manicure and pedicure. For example, add 100 ml of fullerene water to 1 litre of liquid and thoroughly mix for 1 minute. Water for cleansing enema can be prepared in the same way.

Fullerene water can be frozen in ice trays and used for rubbing the body during inflammations of the skin, after burns and as a cosmetic procedure. The same ice can be added to drinks. During fullerene water freezing, a structure resembling an Astra flower is formed inside the translucent ice. 


Administration of fullerene water in combination with medicinal drugs can increase their effect. This will allow the attending physician to reduce dosages, especially those of strong drugs. Such administration as a supplement to the basic therapy should be coordinated with the attending physician.Administration of fullerene water will reduce the treatment periods of many diseases, in particular, such as:

  •  stomach and duodenum ulcers;
  • liver pathologies of viral and toxic ethiology;
  • viral, acute respiratory and ORL diseases;
  • diseases of the gall and urinary bladders, and the pancreas, including the initial forms of diabetes;
  • neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases, multiple sclerosis, etc.);
  • inflammatory diseases of the locomotor system; and
  • different forms of functional infertility and impotency.

Administration of fullerene water will reduce the side effects occurring during antitumor radiation and chemotherapy courses, improve tolerance to such procedures, and increase remission periods. During the preoperation and postoperation stages, fullerene water will reduce the body recovery period after surgical interventions and reduce the risk of disease relapse.