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Massage belt for busy man anti pain

Massage belt for busy man anti pain Massage belt for busy man anti pain | Picture 1

Massage belt for busy man anti pain
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Massage belt for busy man anti pain

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This Lyapko Applicator Derma Roller Massager may be used for stimulation, balancing and detoxification of such areas as the face, arms, legs and frontal regions of the body. Detoxification of the skin improves the health, tone, and texture which decrease cellulite for a more youthful appearance. Furthermore, the Lyapko healing goes beyond the skin surface and assists in balancing the energy of the body; much like an acupuncture or acupressure treatment without the continual inconvenience of time or expense!

Lyapko Applicators are either flexible mats to lie on or rollers to provide a combined massage therapy and acupuncture-like balancing treatment without penetration of skin surfaces. Lyapko Applicators have inlayed points composed of specific metals necessary for the body: zinc, copper, iron, nickel, silver. This harmonious combination of metal points creates a healing galvanic current for stimulation and balancing of the electromagnetic body. More specifically, they cause a selective electrically-induced micro-electrophoresis into the internal environment. This electrophoresis action within the body causes this electrically-stimulated movement of particles which duplicates the detoxification, relaxation, euphoria and balancing often found in acupuncture without the use of penetrating needles. In addition, this acupressure of the skin tissue tones and improves health along with noticeable cellulite improvement especially when combined with a healthy diet and pure water to aid in the detoxification process.


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Lyapko Applicators are elastic plates and rollers, needles of which consist of the metals that are necessary for the body: zinc, copper, iron, nickel, silver.

Applicators are meant for utilization onto any parts of the body (most often to the spine). High therapeutic efficiency is achieved due to galvanic currents created in the skin, on the points of the needles and between the needles, which leads to an increased selective metal micro-electrophoresis into the internal environment of the body.

Features of Lyapko Applicator:

  • it enhances vitality and working efficiency, normalizes sleep and metabolism, raises spirits;
  • it renders assistance in curing and preventing disorders of gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems;
  • it eliminates sexual disorders with subsequent normalization of men and women's sexual functions; in treatment of gynecological diseases, it helps to cure disorders of ovarian-menstrual cycle;
  • it alleviates pain in the spinal column, joints and muscles, removes headaches;
  • it helps to normalize hormonal balance, metabolic processes during endocrinopathy (the obese lose weight, the emaciated gain the required kilograms);
  • it increases the efficiency of such methods as massage, auricular and classic acupuncture, manual and laser therapy, microwave resonance therapy (when used in combination with them or prior to their use) 2 to 3 times;
  • it renders assistance in quitting pernicious habits (alcoholism, tobacco smoking);
  • it makes it possible to reduce the amount of consumed drugs and eventually discontinue taking them altogether.

Applicators can be utilized in medical institutions, sanatoria, and at home.

Lyapko Applicators have no analogues in the world as they are unique in their multifactor character and treatment power as well as effectiveness and efficiency, their application being simple and reliable. The Applicator mobilizes inner resources, stimulates physiologically reasonable dosage of natural "medicines" production inside human organism and compensates the deficit of motive activity.




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Big massage belt - "Friend" - 1674 needles

Silver needles are applied.

Quantity of needles: 1674; Step: 5,8 mm (0.2283 in); 6 plates length: 180 mm (7.087 in), width: 50 mm (1.969 in) and 4 regulable belts.

If you are busy and have no time to use the applicator. If you can not tear yourself away from your favorite TV program or a computer, if you want to use the applicator, but you do not want to lie on it, the applicator belt will solve all the abovementioned problems.

Nowadays the superficial needle therapy is easier to practice, more comfortable for patients and widely accessible. Owing to the reliable clasps, the applicator belt can be fixed directly to the zone of pain, the zone of the reflected pain, the zone of pain irradiation or the zone of the diseased organ projection, the zone where there are biologically active points and meridians. Taking into account the abovementioned schemes, it is possible to affect the main, additional and subsidiary zones by turns, alternatively or selectively.

The clasps secure even pressing of the applicator to the body surface and enable a patient to move, to go on with his work and get treatment at the same time. You can easily, quickly and reliably fix the applicator on any areas of the body, extremities or joints yourself, without any assistance, by means of regulating the length of the belt.

Duration of the session depends on the effect you want to produce:

  • toning up - 7-10 minutes;
  • sedative effect - 20 minutes - 2 hours;
  • acute pain removal - 10-15 minutes;
  • chronic pain relief - 30 minutes - 2 hours.