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» » Unique Transpalpebral & Non-contact Diaton tonometer

Unique Transpalpebral & Non-contact Diaton tonometer

Unique Transpalpebral & Non-contact Diaton tonometer

Unique Transpalpebral & Non-contact Diaton tonometer
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Unique Transpalpebral & Non-contact Diaton tonometer

Price: 1599 USD

 Diaton -The device is intended for true IOP (Ро) measurement through the eyelid in sclera area.

Diaton Tonometer is intended for use by Inpatient & Outpatient Clinics such as

  • Hospitals,
  • Emergency Rooms,
  • Nursing & Elderly Homes,
  • General & Specialty Practitioners as well as Ophthalmologists and Optometrists.

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Unique method of IOP measurement combines original approaches to eye tonometry: transpalpebral (measurement through the eyelid) and scleral (measurement is realized in sclera area but not in cornea area)

Fields of application:

  • ophthalmology (including children’s)
  • optometry
  • general medical practice (family medicine)
  • neurology

Indication for application:

  • Screening examinations
  • IOP measuring during the ophthalmologic examination
  • Ophthalmotonometry in complicated clinical cases when it is impossible to use contact corneal tonometry.



For the doctor:

  • accurate tonometry result
  • wide clinical possibilities
  • time saving and no need to spend money for the disposables
  • image of modern doctor and health centre
  • services spectrum spreading

For the patient:

  • quickness
  • safety
  • painless
  •  no necessity to take off contact lenses

Method for measuring the intraocular pressure through the eyelid and device for realizing the same are protected with the Patent of Russia № 2123798, United States Patent № US 6,394,954 В1 and Patent of Japan №3593314.



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Tonometer DIATON was developed and manufactured by Ryazan State Instrument-Making Enterprise of the Russian Federation. 

DIATON  tonometer provides high reliability of measuring results and makes it possible to diagnose glaucoma on the early stage and appoint necessary treatment and medicines.

The unique methodology of intraocular pressure measuring through the eyelid applied in the device provides new resources in ophthalmotonometry, simplicity and safety of tests.

Diaton tonometer has European certificate   0535, the device is approved by FDA (U.S.A.)

Tonometers of IOP measuring Diaton have been used in medical practice for 16 years. These devices have earned the trust of ophthalmologists, family physicians & refractionists practically all over the world. In the U.S.A. the measuring of IOP with Diaton tonometer is included to the list of services supported by insurance companies.









Measurement range, mm Hg5-60
Measurement errorLimit of the admissible measurement error in the range, not more:
from 5 to 20 mm Hg - ±2 mm Hg;
from 20 to 60 mm Hg - ±10%
The time of a single measurement, s, not more3
Supply voltage, V3
Number of measurements using one battery set, not less1500
Service life, not less8
Weight, g89
Dimensions, mm, not more174 x 26 x 20