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» » Cem Tech card ANTI STRESS

Cem Tech card ANTI STRESS

Cem Tech card ANTI STRESS

Cem Tech card ANTI STRESS
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Cem Tech card ANTI STRESS

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Infrared emitter

Infrared emitter in the range of 0,4-1,2 microns (IR) spectrum of the thermal effects.

It does not possess properties of waves EHF, including the effect of "record" of information and free-effects.

Infrared Emitter only works in direct mode. ( Mode 1)


- Improves the rheological properties of blood 

- Improves microcirculation 

- Stimulates the immune system 

- Capability of cell regeneration 

LED infrared emitter can work in certain points and areas preparing like "warm up" before their subsequent exposure specialized emitters (Green and Red - in diabetes mellitus and impaired carbohydrate metabolism, which ultimately lead to increased development of insulin cells of the pancreas, its transport to target organs, reducing the body's need for insulin, the normalization of making adrenalin, insulin estrogen-androgen hormones, etc.