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» » Mud from Saki Saksky lake skin care anti cellulite 1.7 kg

Mud from Saki Saksky lake  skin care anti cellulite 1.7 kg

Mud from Saki Saksky lake  skin care anti cellulite 1.7 kg

Mud from Saki Saksky lake skin care anti cellulite 1.7 kg
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Mud from Saki Saksky lake skin care anti cellulite 1.7 kg

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Mud from saki lake  for skin care. 1.7 kg

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Specialists have given the mud of Lake Saki the name of highly mineralised silt (being of pelitic schist origin). By its structure it is a most complicated mineral-organic complex containing organic agents of active nature as amino acids, lipids, vitamins, as well as mineral salts, sulphides, organic matters, bacteria, fungi, algae.

The scientists have determined by the method of luminescent microscopy that 1 gram of therapeutic mud may contain up to 1 milliard of micro organisms participating in formation of mud substratum.

The origin of the mud of Saki Lake is believed to be connected with the period of formation of the lake itself, about 5000 years ago. The lake appeared in the period of the last glacial epoch as a result of submersion of Jevpatorija coast by sea. After that, due to slow seismic processes the separation of Lake Saki and other lakes of Western Crimea from the sea began. Dry, continental climate quickened the drying process of maritime lakes and deposition of salt began in the Lake of Saki. The bottom deposit of salt (up to 5 metres) is under the layer of black silt protecting it from drying out and at the same time saturating and enriching its own structure on account of salt. Interacting and merging into each other, with help from micro organisms and complicated biochemical processes, they work up a unique cocktail: “live” therapeutic mud.

In other words, due to biological and chemical components therapeutic mud of Saki has many-sided effects upon main functions and systems of man: breathing, circulation of blood, metabolism and secretion. Manifold combination of unique mineral and biogenic natural factors of Saki mud in intercommunication with thermal and electrical influence have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and resolving effect with intensification of metabolic processes on affected by diseases areas of body. 

Under the influence of mud therapy on the immunocompetent system of a patient the protective powers of the organism are activated thus contributing to recovery-restoration of health and preservation of it for many years ahead.




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The Saki mud concerns to strongly sulphide, salt-saturated silt mud. This is an effective natural means rendering local and general curative influence on an organism. Thanks to presence of sulphides of iron there are fast incresing of exchange processes in a skin and as consequence saturation by its all useful substances containing in the Saki mud. Simultaneously there is a deep clearing of a skin thanks to high absorbing abilities of the mud. 
Indications to application: in the cosmetic purposes it is applied to care of a healthy and problem skin, against a cellulitis and other cosmetic lacks.

Way of application: to heat up mud till 40-45°C, to mix, cool to 38 ° C. For applications to put on a necessary body area in the thickness from 3 mm., to impose over a mud layer a polyethylene film, then warmly to wrap up an application place. Influence time makes 20-30 minutes. Wash off by warm water after procedure. A course is 10-12 procedures, every other day. A break between courses is 6-12 months.

Contraindications: Idiosyncrasy.
Storage conditions: in dry location, in sealed package of producer, at a temperature of +5 - +25 degrees.

Expiry date: 12 months

Package: a bucket of 1,7 kg.
Composition: salt-saturated poral solution, a gas solution (hydrogen sulphide), iron sulphides, organo-mineral colloidal complex, microcells (bromine, iodine, bischofite, etc.), biologically active organic chemistry.

Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Saki