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» » » MILTA-F-8-01 5-7 Watt Laser home therapy device

MILTA-F-8-01  5-7 Watt Laser home therapy device

MILTA-F-8-01  5-7 Watt Laser home therapy device

MILTA-F-8-01 5-7 Watt Laser home therapy device
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MILTA-F-8-01 5-7 Watt Laser home therapy device

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MILTA-F-01. 5-7 watt

Portable devices for complex electro- light- magneto- and infrared laser therapy intended for home and clinical use.

English operating manual.

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Basic facts about MIL-therapy


Under «MILTA-F» name there are known apparatuses, which unite in themselves widely spread in modern medicine therapeutic factors: magnetic field, low laser radiation and light-diodes IR radiation (magnet-light-laser therapy). As long as seventies of the previous century it was discovered that such simultaneous effect of the given physical factors boosts the efficiency 1.5 times as much, by professor A.K. Polonsky, M.D. Since then, magnet-light-laser therapy has been rapidly developing, and, due to high effectiveness and application in every field of medicine is considered to be one of the most promising directions in medicine of the 21-century.

The factor of most importance in the magnet-light-laser therapy is that it does not do any harm to the organism. The factors applied do not cut, heat, and poison the organism with chemical substances. The restoration of normal cells' work takes place on informative level, with gradual involving of all the defense mechanisms. Our organism is an ideal self-regulatory system, but as time goes, under exposure to disadvantageous factors (bad eating habits, ecology, stress, physical and psychological overloads, etc.) normal processes begin to fail, thus leading to diseases. «MILTA-F» therapy session is a gentle push, which activates this skidding mechanism. Metabolic processes in cells and tissues normalize, the organism is cleansed, blood circulation is improved, especially in diseased organs. Defensive means of the organism needed to cope with diseases are improved, the organism is recovered.

«MILTA-F» devices are applicable in the following fields of medicine:


Diseases: wounds, burns, chilblains, fractures of bones, infiltrates, purulent disorders of soft tissues and bones, furuncles, carbuncles, diseases of veins and arteries, trophic ulcers, cancaneal spurs.

Results: With wounds, burns, chilblains , the duration of all the phases of the wound process is decreased. It is already after 2 procedures when decongestion, pain, rubeosis are eliminated. The recovery period significantly shortens with fractures and dislocations. Also, when there is a bone fracture, the callus matures quicker, decongestion and pain vanish, microcirculation normalises. As a result of «MILTA-F» application when treating arterial disorders of the extremities the coldness and chill of the limbs, painful kinesialgia decrease. Under skin nutritional disorders ulcer healing is speeded up. It is observed limbs temperature normalising and blood flow improvement.


Diseases: ischemic heart disease, hypertension, myocardial infarction, stenocardia.

Results: Providing anaesthetic, antiischemic and antiarrythmic effect, the apparatus application leads to stabilisation of indexes of blood circulation and cardiac performance, increase in myocard stability and physical tolerance in 88% of the patients. The treatment implies gradual reduction in medicines dosage, and , sometimes, their total elimination.

«MILTA-F» application contributes to cholesterol level decrease, improves microcirculation and oxygen traffic by the blood. Artificial valves, implanted cardiostimulators, pacemakers, are contradictory to apparatus application.

Neurology, arthrology:

Diseases: radiculitis; neuritis and neuralgia, diseases of joints and spinal column- osteochondrosis, arthritis, arthrosis, bursitis.

Results: As a rule, after 1-2 procedures there is observed signified anaesthetic effect. Blood flow is improved, decongestion is eliminated, and mobility of the joints is improved. Therapy of ostheochondrosis becomes more efficient when combined with massage, exercise therapy. In the presence of protruded disks, progression of the process is stopped, thus making it possible to avoid operation.


Diseases: bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia.

Results: «MILTA-F» usage is promising when treating patients with diseases of the lungs, due to antiinflammatory, anaesthetic, antimicrobial effects. Taking bronchitis, after 3 procedures improvement in cenesthesia is observed with nearly all the patients. Up to treatment course end temperature of the body is normalised, airway management improved, cough and sputum discharge decreased, inflammatory reaction of the bronchi is reduced. After «MILTA-F» therapy children with recurring diseases do not fall ill for 5-6 months. When treating asthma «MILTA-F» therapy improves general condition of the patients, leads to rich sputum discharge, eliminate symptoms which require inhalation. «MILTA-F» therapy in complex treatment of pneumonia shortens the period of treatment by 5-7 days.


Diseases: prostatitis, cystitis, uretritis, nephritis, pyelonephritis, adenoma.

Results: When used in combination with traditional method of treatment, the apparatus notably accelerates treatment process, contributes to inflammation reduction, normal prostate functioning under prostatitis, relief from disease's symptoms, helps to reduce the volume of medicines taken. A regular (once in 2-3 months) prophylaxis helps to avoid aggravation of chronic diseases.


Diseases: hysteritis, adnexitis, birth labour and after- birth complications, mastitis, climacterics syndrome.

Results: Laser radiation is one of the most effective and promising mean of treatment for various gynecological diseases. Most often «MILTA-F» is used in therapy of adnexitis. The best result is achieved when treating acute and chronic salningo-oophoritis, also adxesive with pain syndrome.


Diseases: paraproctitis, anal itch and fissures, haemorrhoid.

Results: At an early stage of the disease, «MILTA-F» application can prevent an operation. The apparatus can be also used to improve the result of after-operation therapy in treating besign tumors of the anorectal. Laser radiation makes active many processes in the organism, increases energy and plastic metabolism, improves microcirculation, stimulates regeneration processes, normalises cellular metabolism, thus enabling a smooth running of the post-surgical period.


Diseases: herpes, dermatitis, dermatosis, neurodermitis, eczema, acne.

Results: Successful application of the device in dermatology is based on «MILTA-F» property to improve the dynamics of treatment, contribute to quick recovery of the immune system, eliminate decongestion, quicken the healing of the injured areas. When treating eczema apparatus application promotes liquidation of skin manifestations, and a prolonged remission. When treating herpes, at early stages the apparatus interrupts the process, in neglected cases it contributes to regression.


Indications: skin youth keeping, wrinkle-smoothing, decongestion, cellulitis.

Results: The apparatus is efficient when treating cellulitis, especially in combination with other methods (massage, balneotherapy, exercise therapy). «MILTA-F» application interrupts cellulitis progression, normalizes biochemical and physiotherapeutic processes, helps to restore the composition of the invaded tissues. Apparatus application boosts and prolongs the effect produced by cosmetics.


Diseases: otitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, rhinitis, pharyngitis, tracheitis.

Results: With "MILAT-F" therapy patient's condition can be improved. With such diseases as chronic tonsilitis, adenoids, etc. in most cases it is possible to avoid operation. Post-surgical MILTA-therapy for ENT- organs leads to quick anaesthesia, prevents complications. Treating antritis with MILTA-F it is possible to reduce the treating period by one third, in comparison with traditional therapy. Patients with otitis after 2-4 procedures notice vanishing of pain, interruption of the itch, reduction of the discharge from the ear, steady progress.


Diseases: gastritis, duodenal and gastric ulcer; pancreatitis, cholecystitis, colitis, hepatitis.

Results: When treating stomach and duodenal ulcer, gastirutus, duodenitis, it is already after several procedures when the patients are relieved from the pain syndrome, and their general condition improves. According to endoscopy data it is observed inflammatory reaction reduction, improve in microcirculation, quick healing of the ulcer. While treating chronic cholecystitis, dyskinesia of biliary tracts MILTA-F reduces inflammation in liver and gall bladder, normalises their functioning, eliminates sphinkter spasms of extrahepatic biliary tracts, reduces the volume of bile surface strain and tanacity. Manipulation with the device stimulates liver regeneration. At this , the local immunity violated by the pathological process, is raised.


Diseases: dental caries, pulpitis, periodontitis, parodontosis, ulcers and erosions of mouth mucous.

Results: «MILTA-F» application when treating caries reduces dissolubility of the surface layer of the dental enamel, contributes to vanishing of the zones with deteriorated mineralization. When treating paradontosis and diseases of the mucous coat, after the second procedure pain syndrome is reduced, after 3-5 procedures inflammation is eliminated. In all the cases, the healing of the mucous coat is 1.5-2 times accelerated.

Practice in sport:

Diseases: accelerated rehabilitation after sport overload, injuries, activation of the psychological state before competitions.

Results: «MILTA-F» therapy 1.5-2 times reduces recovery period for injured organs, contributes to elimination of accompanying or running in parallel inflammatory processes, restoration of physical state. Before competitions «MILTA-F» is used to stimulate energy, metabolic bioprocesses in an organism, and after competitions- is used as a relaxation mean for bioprocesses, also to overcome fatigue and depression after physic and psychological overload.

Contraindications for MIL-therapy:

  • malignant neoplasms of any localization;
  • benign neoplasms with inclination to progression; systemic blood disorders, leukosis;
  • pregnancy at any stages, hyperplastic processes in uterine cavity, benign genital tumors;
  • acute infectious disorders;
  • severe forms of disorders of cardio-vascular system (crisis form of hypertension, cardio-vascular insufficiency stage III); strokes; lung disorders with signs of lung insufficiency stage III; decompensed liver of renal failure;
  • fever of unknown nature;
  • phodermatitis and phodermatosis, pophirine disorder, lupus, rosacea;
  • mental disorders in exacerbation stage.

MIL-therapy apparatus «MILTA-F-8-01»

The apparatus is distinguished from similar ones by:

  • Wide range of laser radiation pulses repetition rate. The apparatus «MILTA-F-8-01» was developed in close collaboration with leading clinical institutions of Moscow (Moscow Regional Scientific-Research Clinical Institute, Physio-therapeutic Clinical Hospital, Scientific-Research Institute of Ambulance Serveice named after Sklifosovsky, Hospital named after Burdenko). According to their recommendation there were selected most frequently used on practice rates of laser radiation pulses repetition.
  • Even distribution of radiation power density over the irradiated area. The terminal of the device is equipped with a pulse laser and four IR LEDs. In common devices the radiation fall on the irradiated area as five spots. «MILTA-F-8-01» design allows it to distribute radiation over the whole irradiated area ( 3.8 cm 2) evenly, thus boosting the efficiency of treatment.
  • Possible connection of an additional emitting terminal. To carry out manipulation over large surface of the body, or large damaged areas (for example, burns), and to realize the method of counter exposure, «MILTA-F» can be equipped with an additional terminal (emitting block of the device), which duplicates the parameters of the main one and works in synchronization with it. It is also convenient that a specialist can order apparatus with only one terminal, and, after some experimentation, decide, if there is a need in the additional one.
  • Possible connection with light-guide heads. The light -guide heads are made from special organic glass and are intended to conduct laser and light diodes radiation directly to inflammation focus. The depth of laser radiation penetration is 6-10 cm, so in most cases the heads are not needed. But in some fields, such as gynecology, urology, dentistry, otolaryngology, light-guide heads improve efficiency of treatment. There has been developed a special head and a methodical guidance for specialists in reflex-therapy to conduct MIL-reflex therapy.

The main distinctive feature of «MILTA-F-8-01» is the in-built photometer, a device, used to measure the volume of IR radiation reflected from a patient's skin.

This index helps the doctor to:

  • set up the level of IR-light-diodes radiation power. The design of most popular at present models of laser- and magnet-laser therapy apparatuses allows to choose only a specific level from a maximum (for example, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%). At that the exact volume of this level can fluctuate depending on the laser and LEDs technical parameters, thus while treating the doctor does not have idea of the real power level. It is not a rare case when patients are treated with the device which doesn't give sufficient radiation. The apparatus «MILTA-F-8-01» is improved with the possibility to set up radiation power to within 1 mW. The loss of radiation power as time goes is immediately detected.
  • evaluate treatment success. When treating a patient with «MILTA-F» device, a part of IR radiation is reflected from a patient's skin, a part penetrates the tissues where it disseminates and is absorbed. At this the volume of reflected and absorbed radiation depends on peculiarities in tissues structure and their condition, presence (absence) of inflammatory processes. While treating, the doctor sees on the digital board the level of reflected radiation (coefficient of reflection). As it was already mentioned, this index depends on patient's condition. While recovering, the coefficient of reflection grows up until it reaches a norm (usually, the readings in contralateral areas are compared). The fall of reflection coefficient from procedure to procedure points to possible complication. So, a doctor is empowered with one more capability- to forecast possible complications.
  • position inflammatory focus. If a patient has any inflammations, the apparatus «MILTA-F-8-01» can be used as a diagnostic mean. While moving the emitting terminal over a supposed (determined) inflammatory focus and controlling the level of reflection coefficient, a doctor positions the focus : in a specific zone coefficient of reflection will be lower than beyond it - this zone is the inflammatory focus.

English operating manual.

Main technical parameters of «MILTA-F-8-01»:

Dimensions, mm240*215*115
Wave length of laser and light-emitting diodes IR radiation , mkm0,85 - 0,89
Repetition frequency of laser radiation pulses , Hz5, 10, 50, 80, 150, 600, 1500, 5000
Light emitting diodes radiation power, mWfrom 0 to 100
Laser radiation power (pulse), Wno less than 5*
Magnetic induction, mTlno less than 20
Exposure, min0.25;0.5;1;2;5;10;15;
Power supply220/110 V, 50/60 Hz
Weight, kg2,5

* on Customer's request can be equipped with a more powerful laser (7-9W, 9-12W)


The device can be equipped with light-guide heads ( 2 gynecological, otalaryngological, urological, dental, acupuncture), protective goggles, a support with a holder, an additional emitting terminal.


The apparatus «MILTA-F-8-01» is an upgraded version of the MILTA-line devices intended for medical institutions of various kinds. Its treating effect is based on simultaneous or separate (also in any combination ) action of three physical factors : constant magnetic field, pulse laser radiation and continuous LEDs radiation of the IR range of wave length.