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» » Portable magnetotherapy device Almag-01 PEMF We do not shipto USA

Portable magnetotherapy device Almag-01 PEMF We do not shipto USA

Portable magnetotherapy device Almag-01 PEMF We do not shipto USA

Portable magnetotherapy device Almag-01 PEMF We do not shipto USA
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Portable magnetotherapy device Almag-01 PEMF We do not shipto USA

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ALMAG-01 portable magnetotherapy device is intended to be used for various diseases physiotherapeutic treatment and prevention with a help of travelling pulsed magnetic field both in patient care and prophylactic institutions and at home conditions for patient self-application.

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The Almag-01 arrived yesterday. Thank you very much! It works perfectly!

I might come back for further orders. I will test it and recommend to friends and colleagues.

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Indications for use: locomotor system diseases, locomotor system injuries and their aftereffects, cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal tract impairment, disorders of female genital organs, venous disorders of upper and lower extremities, diabetes mellitus complications, skin diseases, chronic nonspecific lung diseases, neurologic diseases.

ALMAG-01 PORTABLE MAGNETOTHERAPY DEVICE WITH A TRAVELING MAGNETIC FIELD is used for treatment with traveling impulse magnetic field in partient care-and- preventive institutions as well as in home.



Indications for use:

  • Locomotor system diseases:
    • vertebral osteochondrosis, including the cases with radicular syndrome
    • osteoarthrosis deformans
    • arthritis
    • arthrosis
    • bursitis
  • Locomotor system injuries:
    • bone fractures
    • inner injuries of joints
    • posttraumatic contracture of joints
    • wounds
    • soft tissue contusions
    • hematoma
    • ligament and muscle injuries
    • posttraumatic edema
    • purulent wounds
    • phlegmons
    • burn
  • Cardiovascular diseases: hypertension of I, II degrees, an obliterating atherosclerosis of pots of the inferior extremities.
  • Gastrointestinal tract diseases: pancreatitis in supacute and chronic forms, gallbladder diskinezia, chronic gastritis, both stomach and duodenalulcer.
  • Disorders of female genital organs: inflammation diseases of uterus and ovaries in mild phase, diseases caused by hyper function of ovaries, and complications after surgical abdominal incision (cesarean section)
  • Venous disorders of upper and lower extremities: thrombosis of shin's deep veins, thrombosis of lower extremities, in acute and chronic forms, chronic thrombophlebitis in trophy disease, thrombosis of collarbone vein and conditions after flebectomia.
  • Diabetes mellitus complications: diabetes angiopathy, diabetes polineuropathy.
  • Dermatological diseases: Dermatitis herpetiformes andafter plastic surgery states.
  • Chronic nonspecific lung diseases: chronicbronchitis, chronic pneumonia and bronchial asthma.
  • Neurological diseases: Disease of peripheral nervous system, vascular diseases of brain (combined with distorted flow of arterial blood into brain and chronic ischemia)

Contraindications: inflammatory diseases in acute period, bleedings and tendency for bleeding, marked hypotension,purulent processes before surgery, severe cardiac ischemia; early postmyocardial infarction period, acute state of distorted flow blood into the brain, gestation, system blood diseases, oncological diseases, thyrotoxicosis, diencephalic syndrome, implanted cardio stimulator in the application area.

Small metal inclusions in osseous tissue are not contraindication for the ALMAG-01 use in therapeutic doses.

Developed by MTF Fazomed, Moscow, Author: Berlin Y. V., creator of series of therapeutic devices of alternating magnetic field MAG-01.

Being one from the series of magneto therapy devices, the ALMAG-01 is an effective device to treat many common diseases at home. The ALMAG-01 does not have any portable analogues, based on the effect of a traveling pulsed magnetic field.A traveling pulse magnetic field (TPMF) is characterized by a high biologic activity since it is has a maximum number of biotrophic parameters. It provides the highest space-time non-uniformity of this field. It is this type of TPMF (a complicated non-uniform field with time and space alternation) that is generated by the ALMAG -01. The effect of magnetic field traveling in space is achieved by alternative activating the four TPFM sources. A traveling magnetic field prevents the organism from being adapted to the effect since there is no time for the control- adaptation systems to respond to the continuous "traveling" of the exposure source and phase shifts.Penetration depth of a traveling pulsed magnetic field generated by the ALMAG-01 is between 6cm and 8 cm. This provides a direct effect on different inner organs.

Though the application assemblies of the ALMAG-01 have two equivalent functional surfaces, environmental "magnetizing" does not occur as at the 15-cmfrom the device surface the magnetic field effect weakens down to the Earth background.


Electromagnetic pulse repetition frequency falls in the range of human biologically active frequencies overlapping of which leads to functional normalization of organs and tissues. Therapeutic efficacy is supported by the findings of clinical tests which are recorded in the minutes of leading Russian clinics: Russian Research Center of Rehabilitation Medicine and Health-resort Therapy, Ministry of Public Health (Yu.V. Karpukhin, M.D.), Moscow State Stomatological University (O.I. Efanov, M.D., Professor, Academician of RAS, Head of the Physiotherapy Chair), Moscow city clinical hospital № 1 (S.I. Pfafius, Head of the physiotherapy department), etc.

Power supply alternating current mains: 50 Hz, 220V (-10%, +10%) or 230V (-10%, +6%).



ALMAG-01 device is being produced since 1998. More then 250 thousand devices have been put on the market. ALMAG-01 designer is awarded silver medal at "EUREKA" exhibition in Brussels.