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» » Cem Tech mini bio corrector 3 modes

Cem Tech  mini bio corrector 3 modes

Cem Tech  mini bio corrector 3 modes

Cem Tech mini bio corrector 3 modes
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Cem Tech mini bio corrector 3 modes

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Development of new method of vaccinations and treatment of infectious diseases with use of the device on the basis of structure with controlled energy material (CEM)

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CEM TECH MINI device - 3 modes

Bio-Feedback - Bio-Corrector - Bio-Recorder Millimeter Wave Therapy 


CEM TECH is a new small handheld therapy instrument, which communicates directly with the cells in the body using millimeter wave technique. 

CEM TECH has shown to be effective in the areas of immune system normalization, increased micro circulation and balancing the metabolism. It reduces ageing, reduces the healing time for stroke and brain haemorrhages, decreases the healing time for wounds, and bone fractures by 2 — 3 times. 

It is used in cosmetics to remove warts, skin spots, skin fungus etc. and also bacteria and parasites can be removed. It is very effective in pain management, like pain in a joint, muscle pain, migraine, etc 

CEM-Tech can be used by everybody and has no known side effects.



Indications for application:

  • Painful syndrom of any localization
  • Articulary pathology
  • Diseases of spinal column
  • Wounds, burns
  • Allergic diseases accompanies by skin manifestations

Treatment of the illness can be carried out in home conditions, using the device as the only or a helpful means







The front view

The rear view

  1. Pulmonary disturbances
  2. Gastritis
  3. Liver disorders
  4. Gallbladder diseases
  5. Abnormalities in small intestine
  6. Abnormalities in large intestine
  7. Kidney diseases
  8. Changes in hip joint
  9. Changes in knee-joint
  10. Diseases of urinary bladder
  11. Syndrome of stenocardia
  12. Cardiac insufficiency
  13. Cardiac ischemia
  14. Diseases of spleen
  15. Abnormalities in pancreas
  16. Diseases of prostate, urinary bladder
  17. Abnormalities in sigmoid colon
  18. Sexual disorders
  19. Diminished digestive function
  20. Disorders in sexual sphere
  21. Visual acuity loss
  22. Diseases of stomach
  1. Osteochondrosis of cervical part of spinal cord
  2. Cardiac abnormalities
  3. Diseases of spleen
  4. Stomach ulcer
  5. Abnormalities in pancreas
  6. Diseases of stomach
  7. Abnormalities in large intestine
  8. Renal disorders
  9. Sexual disturbances
  10. Changes in hip joint
  11. Abnormalities in ureter
  12. Diseases of urinary bladder
  13. Gallbladder diseases
  14. Diseases of bile duct
  15. Pulmonary abnormalities
  16. Liver disorders
  17. Diseases of adrenal glands
  18. Abnormalities in small intestine
  19. Disease of organs of small pelvis
  20. Changes in knee-joint
  21. Abatement of knee-joint ligaments
  22. Abnormalities in rectum

Direct Influence on Zones of Organ Projections with the Device CEM TECH Anti-stress


Program 1 and Program 2

Millimeter waves are transmitted with program 1. You use this program for general treatment when you wish to fortify the body, either by locally addressing various organs/areas or focusing directly on points of acupuncture or if you wish to treat a problem that is not covered in any of the programs.

Through Program 2, FRI-therapy, the CEM-Tech copies frequencies from, e.g., the body and stores the information in the crystal. When you, thereafter, disconnect the cord from the crystal, the information starts to be transmitted back and the body could in this way be treated with its own frequency, like homeopathy. The FRI-therapy is a new and revolutionary method that has endless prospects. Limits are set only by your own imagination!

Program 1 - Therapy of Millimeter Waves (how you get started)

As you run program 1, a timer is activated. The timer is programmed to run for 10 minutes and you can see elapsed time on the display. Time is counted from 600 seconds down. The CEM-TECH gives signals during the treatment and is automatically put off when time is up. Time of treatment depends on problem and the status of the patient. Note that you always should start with an anti-stress treatment. (program 3)

Start the program this way:

  • Press once the right arrow switch (for program). A figure 1 is shown on the display.
  • Press once the round switch (start/off). The CEM-TECH starts.
  • Now you treat acupuncture points or locally on organs/areas of pain.
  • Use the white, flat side of the crystal against the body when treating

When starting Program 2 a timer will start. This is programmed to 60 seconds and time can be seen on the display. Time is shown from 60 seconds down. When recording - the CEM-TECH will peep, and is automatically closed when time is over. How often you shall copy information depends on how "old" the problem is — chronically problems will be copied a few times every 24 hr’s, on urgent injuries - you may reload every fifteen minutes. Due to the fact that the process of healing is faster on a new injury and because of that there will be a more rapid change of the information in the body.

OBSERVE! To have the crystal start sending the information back you must withdraw the crystal from the cord.

When there are serious problems duration should be increased to 2 to 3 weeks.

Please remember that there are cases that are more complicated then others and we must never abandon the medical care and/or medication that were proscribed by the Doctor.

We must treat ourselves reasonably, guided by the principle - do no harm!

The device and the procedure’s that where stated in this article give an opportunity to restrict the use of drugs and greatly facilitate the patient's condition. 




Technical Specifications


1.The apparatus consists of the control unit (the apparatus proper) with a built-in

number 4 oscillator (channel 1) and separate changeable oscillators connected to

the apparatus (channel 2) via a flexible cable with plugs.

2.The СЕМ ТЕСН apparatus can be complemented with oscillators on the

following frequencies:

No. 1: 40-43 Hz (fixed wavelength in the range 7.5-6.977 mm) (EHR);

No. 2: 52-57 GHz (fixed wavelength in the range 5.769-5.263mm) (EHR);

No. 3: 57-63 GHz (fixed wavelength in the range 5.263-4.762mm) (EHR);

No. 4: wideband Gann sound spectrum;

No. 5: infrared in the range 0.7-1.2 μm (IR).

3. When connecting oscillators No. 1-3, a pulse power flux density of not less

than 5 x 10–10 W/cm2 on the surface is ensured.

4. The oscillator impulse frequency is fixed at 4GHz in the first mode and 9

GHz in the second and third modes.

5. The unit is powered by two type LR03/ААА batteries with a rated voltage

of 2х1.5V.

Continuous working time with new batteries is at least 100 hours.

6. Overall dimensions of the apparatus are not more than 110 x 55 x 30 mm.

7. The weight of the apparatus is no more than 150g.




What's in the box:

  • 1 Cem-tech  MINI device

  • 2 yellow emitters

  • 2 USB 2.0 Cable Attachments

  • 1 User's Manual

  • 1 license and warranty
  •  You can download English operating manual here - press button Download instruction please!.