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Low Laser Therapy

Most people are familiar with the process of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) which is also known as cold lasers. These lasers are called soft lasers because they do not increase the temperature of the body they are contacting. Low Level Laser Therapy Devices deliver power from 1mW to 500mW. Cold lasers or soft lasers have the great potentiality to reduce pain, inflammation, repair damaged tissues, wherever the laser beam is applied. Cold lasers are today used in almost all countries of the world for medical purposes.

What are the benefits of quantum laser devices?

Quantum laser or cold laser devices can be used for many medical problems. They are most potent in reducing stress, pain relief, healing injuries, weight loss, enhancement of immunity, organ balancing, lymph activation, nerve rejuvenation, laser acupuncture, laser facelifts, anti-aging, and even for DNA & RNA restructuring. As has already been mentioned the quantum lasers or soft lasers work by imparting energy rich photons to the cells & tissues of the body they are being applied to. So that makes them absolutely harmless & free from any side effects. Today LLLT devices are excellent tools to have to cure these problems.

Why choose Low Level Laser Therapy?

The question which would be in your mind right now is that why choose LLLT over other forms of medical treatment. Then let us give you a few reasons which we are sure will convince you of the advantages of using LLLT.

  • Laser is basically a form of light energy of a specific colour & wavelength with special healing properties. The 635nm frequency is the exact frequency used & created by cells of our body.
  • Low powered lasers stimulate tissue regeneration. This process is called photo bio stimulation. They are helpful in curing all kinds of tissue related problems like wound healing, tissue repair, reduction of swelling, increased blood flow & pain reduction.
  • Cold lasers do not have any harmful effects on the patients. The only thing patients should keep in mind is that they should not be staring directly on the beams as it could irritate the retina. After more than 30 years of medical research & use it has not been found to have any harmful effects whatsoever. In fact, it is much safer compared to the other forms of treatment.
  • Lasers only help stimulate biological process in your body. When you are applying laser on to the tissues you are only delivering some energy to them. They will regenerate by themselves. That is why LLLT does not have any bad side effects.
  • This is a painless form of treatment. Laser lights generate very low amount of temperature. You will almost feel nothing when it is applied on to your body.
  • Although the time required for curing varies from patient to patient depending on the power of their tissues to regenerate, the number of treatment basically required is 3-15. It is also a rapid form of treatment. One session may last as short as 2 minutes or as long as 20 minutes.
  • Since this form of treatment just help in a natural process of regeneration tissues, the results of this is sustainable.

Above we have listed two very useful Laser therapy devices which will surely help you with all your tissue problems. Just click on the names of the devices to get more info & customer feedbacks about them.