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Ritm Scenar Home Expert biofeedback pain relief device home scenar therapy

Ritm Scenar Home Expert biofeedback pain relief device home scenar therapy
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Kalinka-store provides you with the opportunity to buy the original SCENAR devices and electrodes.

These devices are manufactured in Russia by OKB RITM. Devices are certified by the standarts of ISO-9001, FDA and CE in Europe.

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 RITMSCENAR Home Expert is the next generation of RITMSCENAR personal devices,

the most advanced version with a liquid-crystal display.


The external view is the same, but the functionality is extended by adding two preset modes: for acute and for sub-acute and chronic conditions.


The device provides assessment screening in two modes: D1 finds active points by placing the device step-by-step within the selected area while in D2  you can do it by moving the device along the skin surface without pauses.

Product Description

RITMSCENAR Home Expert is the most advanced model in the Personal RITMSCENAR devices range – and yet, it is easy to use and requires minimum training.


RITMSCENAR Home Expert offers four impulse Frequencies – 14Hz, 60Hz, 90Hz and 340Hz, suitable for treating degenerative processes (low frequencies) or inflammatory processes in acute state (high frequencies).

Amplitude Modulation is set for 3:1 and is very effective for treating pain in muscles and ligaments.

RITMSCENAR Home Expert supports Frequency Modulation in the range of 30Hz to 120Hz. This setting is commonly used to create a change in the painful condition.

The device offers two Presets (device settings are pre-programmed for optimal performance): for acute conditions and for sub-acute and chronic processes.

Double feedback is available in Preset 2, with optional regulation of Intensity.

RITMSCENAR Home Expert supports one auto mode called Dose Mode. In this Mode the device will deliver an individual measured stimulation according to the body response to the impulse.

RITMSCENAR Home Expert provides for assessment screening in two modes: static screening in D1 (step-by-step) and dynamic screening in D2 (in motion).

This model is designed for personal use and for support during professional RITMSCENAR treatments.







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