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Emitter Shower 2-04 Laser Comb 10W

Emitter Shower 2-04 Laser Comb  10W
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The emitter of  DOUCHE 2 - 04 - "Laser hairbrush" or "Quantum therapeutic hairbrush" recommended for treatment of diseases of a pilar part of a head.


  • Alopecia;

  • Fragile and brittle, split ends and dull hair with a weak structure;

  • Hair loss;

  • Dry / oily hair, dandruff;

  • Dermatological diseases;

  • Prevention in order to maintain beautiful and healthy hair;

  • Massage for the skin of the head.


Ttreatment of alopecia by Rikta.









This specialized transmitter is optional and is designed for use with devices RIKTA 04/44.


DOUCHE 2-04 (SHOWER-emitter 2-04) is not included in the basic package RIKTA 04/4 unit.




Country of origin: Russia


The average power of the infrared radiation, mW: 60

The average power of red radiation, mW: 7

Overall dimensions: 160x82x61

Net Weight, kg: 0.25

Laser Safety Standard R50723-94: Class 1


Pulsed laser power, W: 10

The average power diode infrared radiation, mW: 60

The average thickness of the red LED emission, mW: 7

Magnetic induction, mT: 6



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