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CEM TECH AIR  device
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EHF device and free-therapies - electromagnetic radiation of extremely high frequency modes monochastot and noise mode.


Configuring your machine CEM-TECH AIR on the resonance characteristics of the pathogenic factor is done automatically by creating a "photo" of the disease in the short-wave range, including all of its spectral components. When exposed to the background (natural) light spectrum of the process of substitution of the spectral characteristics of the disease in the body, its oppression and destruction.


CEM TECH AIR has a universal EHF range (1 minute) with the possibility of work in FRI mode. Using this mode is similar mode number 2 in the apparatus CEM TECH LCD and CEM TECH "mini".




What is unique?

CEM TECH AIR besides compulsory inclusion is run automatically when the level of radio frequency (cellular and Wi-Fi connection) higher than normal.

Thus, the device has a physiological effect on the human blood: breaks clots that are formed under the influence of radio, prevents vascular spasms, improves the supply of oxygen and increases the output of toxic substances.


This device - Ambulance. In extreme cases, any device will help relieve pain, nausea, dizziness, and more. It is worn on the hand, like a clock. When turned on, the device emits a universal UHF mode. So can protect you in a place where there are many people who cleaned the air around you, in the subway, he will protect you from harmful electromagnetic fields.


The uniqueness of it is that it has a mode of BRR (background resonance radiation) - the effect of "recording of the electromagnetic spectrum" of the body, followed by a re-emission.


Characteristics of the device CEM TECH AIR:

Emitter built into the unit в„– 4 (yellow) - broadband noise spectrum Gunn - Universal.

Comes with tape on his wrist.

Power to the unit: battery type CR2032 (watch battery).


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