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Vacuum massager

Vacuum massager is a medical devise prosperous in vacuum therapy. Vacuum therapy helps in treating of the nervous system, chronic pneumonia, cardiology, gastroenterology, blood and lymph circulation and other. Among the main positive influences on the organism is reducing of cellulites and overall weight correction.

Vacuum massager effect on certain part of the skin and suddenly causes the local rush of blood and lymph from the tissues that lay deep. The total influence for the blood and lymph vessels is good and relaxing as much as for internal organs. That’s why the effect and importance of this massage can scarcely be exaggerated.

Vacuum massagers are represented in our catalogue by two main types. Massage cupping-glass is simple and small tool. Vacuum massager MBT works from the power circuit. Any model is very comfortable and convenient for private usage and lots of people successfully make vacuum massage at home.